• KBM Consultants Ltd-Project Coordinator
    Country: U.K

    Description: KBM Consultants is a small to medium sized private liability company based in Park Royal, London, United Kingdom. It is an education & immigration consultancy firm providing services especially to the persons aspiring to go abroad for higher studies and/or to make job experiences. From choosing the right course to filling the visa application, it ensures all the applications are processed professionally. The Visa and Immigration Consultancy services of KBM Consultants feature outstanding immigration facilities which standardize the company as one of the most reliable immigration service providers.

  • EURO-NET-Project Partner
    Country: Italy

    Description: EURO-NET is a not for profit association that is member or associated member of 57 international networks (5 of them are EU networks: EUROPE DIRECT, EUROGUIDANCE, EURODESK, SOLVIT and EBN-EUROPEAN BUSINESS & INNOVATION CENTRE NETWORK) . EURO-NET gives to children, young people and adults these services: - information and project development center - organization of training courses, exchanges and cultural, artistic or sport activities - sector study, research - counseling, crisis support and prevention - e-learning, networking, partnerships, training courses and workshops - publications, newspapers and web sites.

    Country: Poland

    Description: SPOŁECZNA AKADEMIA NAUK (University of Social Sciences) is one of the leading private universities in Poland having 15.000 students and over 1000 academic staff. In the educational rankings, published by the influential national magazines our Academy is placed very high. There are 18 departments, including Culture Studies, Graphics, Psychology and Sociology that will contribute their experience to this project.As an educational organization University of Social Sciences promotes a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together researchers from a diversity of backgrounds (economics, humanities, artistic, educational science, etc ).

  • AENAO – Project Partner
    Country: Greece

    Description: The N.G.O Α.Ε.Ν.Α.Ο was established in 2006 in Thessaloniki in order to promote health, on its wide sense, and to encourage the dialogue between science, culture and religion. It occupies a group of scientists- volunteers and is coordinated by experienced scientists. AENAO’s work in the field of health promotion has been recognized by the national educational authorities and has been recommended for the school curriculum. AENAO is an active member of the INGO “Healthy network“.

  • KIRSEHIR VALILIGI – Project Partner
    Country: Turkey

    Governorship of Kirşehir is administering 211000 residents of the city in terms of Public administration and providing services. Kırşehir Governorship has four Deputy Governors, Editorial Directorate, Directorate of Provincial Administration Board, Directorate of Local Authorities, Directorate of Media and Public Affairs, Private Secretariat and Directorate of Provincial Planning and Coordination.

  • MV INTERNATIONAL– Project Partner
    Country: Italy

    ENGO MVI is a global platform open to organisations working within the field of Youth, Non Formal Education, Sport and Culture. Created in 2012, MVI is today a global actor closely cooperating with its 21 member organizations, international NGOs, and public and private sector stakeholders. Its thousands individual members from 21 European countries represent a diverse group of people active within european projects, youth, non formal education, social entrepreneurship, sport and cultural activities.

  • Millenium Center– Project Partner
    Country: Romania

    Millenium Center’s aim is to promote the interests of the people on a social, cultural, educational, civic, sports and economical level. In other words, we wish to promote a new generation of integrated citizens. Millennium Center (MC) is a modern, dynamic and experienced NGO from Arad in west Romania, active in many fields with special emphasis on European Voluntary Service (EVS). It’s an organization that puts the same emphasis on non-formal and informal methods of work with migrants, refugees, EVS volunteers, staffs, etc.

    Academia Postal 3 – Project Partner
    Country: Spain

    Postal3 has been in service for more than 25 years dedicating itself towards the preparation of students for entry into Public Administration. At the same time it offers consulting services, training for employment and training solutions both in person and under the e-learning modality according to the needs of customers and users.The organisation continues to be a leading centreand a benchmark in training both the unemployed and the employed, training institutions and companies; as much by results as by quality in products and services; promoting at the same time the personal and professional development of its employees and sustainability of the company.