"dealing with refugee or migrant problems"

    From 18th to 19th of June 2018 the second meeting of the project « Strategies for refuGees » (acronym "Strate.Gees") will be held in Potenza, Italy. It is an initiative approved by the English National Agency and implemented within the European ERASMUS PLUS KA2 program STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP FOR THE EDUCATION OF ADULTS - EXCHANGE TO GOOD PRACTICES - ACTION N. 2017- 1-UK01-KA204-036504.

    The project is aimed at achieving an exchange of good practices in the field of refugee reception between the following different countries and organizations that are part of the international partnership: KBM Consultants Ltd (United Kingdom); EURO-NET (Italy); SPOLECZNA AKADEMIA NAUK (Poland); Center of non formal education (Grecia); Academia Postal 3 Vigo, S.L. (Spain); KIRSEHIR VALILIGI (Turkey); MV INTERNATIONAL (Italy); ASOCIATIA MILLENIUM CENTER ARAD (Romania).

    The objective of the European initiative is to find, understand and share good practices of welcoming migrants and refugees to have the opportunity to apply them in local territories, thus improving the conditions and offering services more suited to the needs of these people as well as guiding the local population to accept and respond positively to all humanitarian needs.

    The topic of the project is one of the hottest European topics and most felt by the population, so much as it has also influenced the results of the recent elections in Italy: the role of such initiatives can not be underestimated, in effect, it could impact the habitants of the countries as much as the refugees.

    Precisely, for this reason the project is aimed at improving the skills and abilities of the staff belonging to the partner organizations (which also deal with refugee or migrant problems) to face problematic situations, to develop new ideas and proposals, by supporting, indirectly, but in a positive way, even the public authorities that can find difficulties operating in this sector. Among the activities that the project is developing, there are many workshops and seminars aimed at improving skills, abilities, knowledge to act locally and/ or regionally and to improve the quality of life of refugees or migrants while minimizing their problems and trying to integrate them better in local communities, also inducing concrete changes in the behavior of citizens and the communities that host them.

    During the meeting in Potenza, the partners will take stock of the activities already developed in these months and will define the further steps of the project, in particular the next training course that will be held in Kirsehir, Turkey, from 28 July to 1 August "We count - said Antonino Imbesi, responsible of the project for the EURO-NET association - to have a clear and comprehensive picture about the needs of migrants and refugees in order to contribute positively to the improvement of the problems in this sector, also increasing the sensitivity of local population. More information about the activities developed and those still to be implemented can be found on the official website of the project: www.Strategiesforrefugees.com