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Project Objectives

Project Title

Strategies For refuGees

Project Acronym


Project Identification #



Erasmus Plus KA2 (Exchange of Good Practices)

Project Start Date:


Project Finish Date:



24 Months

The general objective of the project, ‘Strategies for RefuGees’ is to develop and implement effective and concrete ways to strengthen the integration of migrants in the society and cope with a pressing need for more inclusion.

The general objective has been identified considering the following needs:
-help the social service providers and organizations working with migrants to scale up their activities relevant to the migrants integration;
-support the training and skills development to enable more practitioners to improve their capacity building on diversity and identity management;
-cooperation between organizations working with the mission of the social and cultural inclusion.

One of the most important European added value is that outputs/results/activities/methodology can be effectively transferred and easily replicated in other contexts or/and in other MS, affected by the same or similar problems. All relevant outputs will be translated in all the partners languages and will be freely downloaded as open source,. It is innovative since it covers new initiatives on local & international level in terms of physiological, educational & social aspects of refugees.

To obtain better results the partnership is really various being composed by associations, vet federations, SME, NGOs, public entities, universities.

The project wants to realise:
  • 1) focus groups to understand better the problems from the point of views of the refugees /immigrants and from the point of view of NGOs working with them
  • 2) different Joint Staff Training Events to give competences and skill to the partners' staff working with the target groups
  • 3) creation of local networks of stakeholders that could cooperate together to offer better integration
  • 4) organisation of festival of foreign cultures in the various countries to spread the "other" cultures